School NameClosing StartThroughStatusNotes
Alton R-IV02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedEarly dismissal at 1:15pm on 2/21/18
Ava R-I02-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Dismissal at 1:30 pm today.
Avilla R-1302-21-201802-21-2018Otherdismiss at 2:00
Bunker R-III02-21-201802-21-2018OtherDismiss at 1:15 pm
Cassville R-IV02-21-201802-21-2018Otherclosing wed 2/21 @ 1:30pm. all activities are canceled
Clever R-V02-21-201802-21-2018OtherDue to the impending weather forecast calling for ice we will be dismissing early at 1:15.
Crane R-III02-21-201802-21-2018OtherDismiss at 1:00. No PK this afternoon. Ballgame is rescheduled to tomorrow night.
Crocker R-II02-21-201802-21-2018Otherclosing at 1:45pm
Crowder College 02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedAll Crowder College locations will be closing at 5pm Wednesday, Feb. 21. Classes that start after 5pm will be canceled.
Dallas County R-I02-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly dismissal at 1:45
Drury University - Ava02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedEvening classes are cancelled.
Eminence R-I02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedDismissing early at 1:30 today.
Everton R-III02-21-201802-21-2018OtherDismissing at 2:30PM
Exeter R-VI02-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Dismissal 1:30 pm
Fair Grove R-1002-21-201802-21-2018ClosedEarly dismissal this afternoon at 1:30.
Fair Play R-1102-21-201802-21-2018Closed1:30 today
Fordland R-III02-21-201802-21-2018Other Fordland is dismissing early K -5 @ 1:15 and 6-12 @ 1:30
Gainesville R-502-21-201802-21-2018ClosedEarly Dismissal at 1:30
Gasconade C-402-21-201802-21-2018ClosedEarly dismissal Wednesday at 1:30, due to weather predictions.
Grant Street Head Start02-21-201802-21-2018OtherThe P.M. bus will be running 30 minutes early at drop off. The bus will depart school at 3:00. Grant 2, 3, & 4 will CLOSE at 4:00.
Halfway R-III02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedEarly dismissal at 1:00pm
Hartville R-II02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedEarly release @ 1:00pm
Hermitage R-IV02-21-201802-21-2018OtherDismissing at 2:00 PM
Hickory County R-I02-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly dismissal 2:45 pm
Humansville R-IV02-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Dismissal at 2:10
Laclede Co R-1 (Conway)02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedReleasing at 1:30
Laquey R-502-21-201802-21-2018OtherDismissing at 1:45 pm
Lebanon R-302-21-201802-21-2018Other2 hour early release
Licking R-VIII02-21-201802-21-2018Otherclosing early at 1pm
Lindenwood University-SW Missouri Campus02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedSW Missouri classes cancelled tonight
Little Angels Learning Academy02-21-201802-21-2018OtherWe will be closing at 5:00 today (Wednesday).
Macks Creek R-502-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly dismissal at 2:30 PM & boys'semifinal basketball game postponed until 5:30 tomorrow.
Manes R-502-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Dismissal at 1:00 PM
Mansfield R-402-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly release @ 1:00 p.m.
Mark Twain R-802-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Dismissal 1:00
Marshfield Christian School02-21-201802-21-2018Closeddismissing at 2:00 p.m.
Marshfield R-102-21-201802-21-2018ClosedEarly Dismissal 2/21 at following times: Shook 1:10; HS 1:15; Hubble/Webster/JH 1:25; buses depart at approx. 1:40
Miller R-II02-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Dismissal at 2:15 p.m.
Mt Vernon R-502-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Dismissal 2:15 PM
Mtn Grove School District02-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Release 1:00 for HS and MS and 1:17 ES
Mtn View-Birch Tree R-III02-21-201802-21-2018Closedclosed early at 1 pm
Nixa Public Schools02-21-201802-21-2018OtherInman, Summit, Nixa Junior High, Nixa High School, & SCORE will dismiss at 1 p.m. JTSD at 1:45 Century, Espy, High Pointe, and Mathews will dismiss at 2 p.m.
Northwood R-IV02-21-201802-21-2018Otherclosing early at 130pm wed 21st
Norwood R-102-21-201802-21-2018OtherDismiss at 1:00
Oak Hill R-1 School District02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedDismissing at 1:30 PM
Ozark R-VI02-21-201802-21-2018Other1 Hour Early Release
Plainview R-802-21-201802-21-2018ClosedDismissing at 1 p.m.
Purdy R-II02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedDismiss at 2:00pm
Round Grove Christian Academy02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedEarly dismissal at 2:15 Wednesday
Salem R-8002-21-201802-21-2018OtherClosing early. Wm. Lynch - 12:45; UE - 1:00; MS/HS - 1:15
Sarcoxie R-II02-21-201802-21-2018Otherclosing wednesday at 2p games for wednesday canceled
Seymour R-II02-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Dismissal at 1:30
Shell Knob #7802-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Dismissal @ 1:00pm
Skyline R-II02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedDismissing early at 1:15 pm.
Sparta R-III02-21-201802-21-2018Other1PM Early Release
Spokane R-VII02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedThe Spokane school district will dismiss at noon today.
Strafford R-VI02-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly dismissal at 1:30pm
Success R-VI02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedDismissing at 1:00 pm due to incoming inclement weather. All Extra curricular activities will be cancelled this evening.
Summersville R-202-21-201802-21-2018OtherSchool is being dismissed at 1:30 p.m.
SW Barry Co R-V02-21-201802-21-2018OtherBuses Release at 1:30
Thornfield R-I School02-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Dismissal at 1:00
Trinity Christian Academy - Hollister02-21-201802-21-2018Otherclosing early Wed 2/21 at 1pm
Victory Academy02-21-201802-21-2018ClosedAt 1:00pm
Walnut Grove R-502-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Release at 2:15
Weaubleau R-302-21-201802-21-2018OtherEarly Release 2:15
Web Co Custom Industries02-21-201802-21-2018Other2 pm Early dismissal, due to pending forecast
White Dove Christian Academy02-21-201802-22-2018ClosedEarly Dismissal 1:30 pm
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